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Our approach to distance learning centers support and relationships during challenging times. We prioritize synchronous learning minutes to help students feel connected to each other and also provide students with multiple asynchronous, independent learning opportunities outside of the daily classroom instructional time. We understand that in order for students to continue to feel successful in school, they need to feel connected to something bigger. Through strategic reading instruction, content lessons, and focused math blocks, we are making sure students stay learning and valued while they’re away from school.

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At Achieve, we use curriculum based in the Brain Science of reading, and research based practices for Language learning and development. With a combination of structured literacy and content and read aloud based comprehension and writing units students make huge growth in reading and are proud of themselves as learners from an early age. With lots of support, we strive to give every student exactly what they need to become strong readers and advocates for their own learning!



At Achieve, we believe that our teachers are not only teachers of content, but teachers of life. And our students are here to not only read words, but to learn to read the world. Our educators pride themselves in building lasting relationships with their young people because they understand without love and trust no one can learn from you. Our curriculum is built by our teachers and centers around our students’ histories, community, and lives. Daily, our students engage in: 1) challenging grade level literacy instruction 2) SIPPS leveled reading instruction and blended reading programming, and 3) social-emotional skill building that will prepare them all for middle school and beyond. Our international students, who are new to the country, receive personalized support in our international class and use their home language as an asset to learn English.

Math Formulas


At Achieve, we ensure all students have access to common-core aligned mathematics. We develop student agency by fostering students who have strong mathematical mindsets, who have confidence in making sense of math problems, and who apply what they learn in their math classrooms, not only in order to become college-level mathematicians, but also to their lives and the world around them. We are student focused by promoting instruction where teachers place the demand on the students, allowing them to make their own sense of mathematical ideas. We endeavor to support teachers in their ceaseless mission to deliver rigorous math content, using strong instructional practices, and grounding all their instructional decisions in data in order to support students to mastery. We stay rooted in our community by supporting all adult stakeholders as lifelong learners of mathematics. Achieve has adopted the research-based Eureka Math and Math Story Problems programs for the basis of its mathematics instruction, as these support the key common-core shifts of 1) focus, 2) rigor, and 3) coherence.

Working on a Project

Project Based Learning

In order to best prepare students for a 21st century world, as well as to provide opportunities for deeper, more engaging and relevant learning, Achieve Academy implements multidisciplinary integrated learning opportunities through the daily Achieve Critical Thinking (ACT), which is our project-based learning block.  During this time, teachers facilitate student inquiry through projects that create authentic and relevant  opportunities to apply skills and knowledge across English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. The four pillars of ACT project-based learning that we strive to cultivate within our students include critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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Students at Achieve deserve the best and we are proud to be able to offer Art, Science and PE. It is important that our students have opportunities to be creative, explore, make connections to the real world, and move their bodies. We believe that a holistic approach to education allows students to find their passions, deepen their learning and ignite a love for school!

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Special Education

At Achieve we honor the neurodiversity of our students and we believe that including our unique learners in the gen ed classroom supports their learning and development AND deepens the social and emotional growth of our whole community. Our special education team works in partnership with families to ensure students learn in their least restrictive environment, develop strong social skills, and foster independence. Our focus on supporting students with IEPS is why 86% of families give Achieve the highest rating for inclusivity and why more families who have students with special needs are choosing Achieve.

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