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In School Supports
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Parent Center


The EBAC Family Resource Center (Parent Center) is here to support with case management, community referrals, and pre-K programs (Little Steps/PCESP). Parent workshops-coming soon!

Case Management: focused on resource stabilization, improving absences, family ed goals, etc. Includes 1:1 support with case manager (Angela or Roxyy), goal-setting, application assistance, and parent support groups (must be enrolled and complete intake to participate).

Community Referrals: we are in contact with many different organizations in Alameda County and can make referrals for family needs (medical, legal, tenant’s rights, ESL, etc.)

For general community resources, events, etc. we will continue to share via family communication modes, ie. ParentSquare.

Contact: Angelica 510-506-9995

              (8 a.m. a 2 p.m.)

Contact: Angela    510-407-8433

          or Carolyn  510-913-4169

Contact: Carolyn    510-913-4169

              Ashley      510-975-0341

              Angelica  510-506-9995

Little Steps

PCESP Program

PCESP: focus is on socio-emotional learning, play-based learning, socializing with others/class. Span/Eng. Zoom classes Tu/Th.

Contact: Angelica

510-506-9995 (8 a.m. a 2 p.m.)

Little Steps

  • Little Steps: focus is on play-based learning, building blocks of literacy, phonics, and school readiness. Zoom classes also Tu/Th.

Contact: Angela 510-407-8433

         or Carolyn 510-913-4169

Cal-Fresh Enrollment

Contact: Ashley 510-975-0341


Medi-Cal Enrollment

Currently in progress; call one of the numbers listed and we will process a referral to another EBAC site doing application.

Contact: Carolyn   510-913-4169

             Ashley    510-975-0341

             Angelica  510-506-9995

PCESP program
Cal-Fresh Enrollment
Medi-Cal Enrollment
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